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red here from Wolong. Ya'an has adequate supply of bamboo leaves, so food is no▓t a problem. But the average temperature here is three to ▓four degrees hotter than Wolong. Air-conditioners are being ins


talled in the pandas' cottages to keep them cool and comfortable.Almost ten of the relocated pandas will become mothers in a few weeks time. They've been receiving e▓xtra care as preparations are made for their impen▓ding motherhood.In south China's Guangdong Province, five pandas arrived from Sichuan

last week. They a▓re getting used to their new home at the Guangzhou P▓earl River Wild Animal Park. Their rooms are air-conditi▓oned and disinfected every day. The high-profile newcomers are also being watched by animal doctors aroun▓d the clock.Zhang Delu, General Manager of Pearl River Wil▓d Animal Park said "The pandas are accompanied by our zoo staff and keepers from Sichuan every day and night. Som▓e panda experts and professors will be here to examine t▓heir psychological condition i

n a few days."The park i▓s doing all it can

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to ensure that the pandas are provided with nutritious meals, a comfortable environment and the best care. The animals are yet to receive routi▓ne health checks. If everything goes well, they'll make


a▓ public appearance next week.The Information Office of the State Council yesterday issued a white paper titled "China's Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change". Following are excerpts of the paper:Cont▓entsForewordI. Climate Change and China's SituationII▓. Impact of Climate Change on ChinaIII. Strategies and Objectives for Addressing Climate ChangeIV. Policies an▓d Actions to Decelerate Climate ChangeV. Policies and Actions to Adapt to Climate ChangeVI. Enhancing Public Awareness in Addressing Climate ChangeVII. Enhancing International Cooperation on Climate ChangeVIII. Institution and Mechanism Building for Copin

g with Climate ChangeConclusionForewordGlobal climate change and its adver▓se effects are a common concern of mankind. Ever sinc▓e the industrial revolution, human activities, especially the massive consumption of energy and resources by dev▓eloped countries in the process of industrializati▓on, have increased the atmospheric concentrations o▓f greenhouse gases, produced conspicuous impacts on the natu▓ral ecosystems of the Earth, and posed severe challenges to the survival and development

of human society.As a▓ developing country

with a large population, a relatively low level of economic development, a complex climate and a f

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ragile eco-environment, China is vulnerable to ▓the adverse effects of climate change, which has brough▓t substantial threats to the natural ecosystems as well as t▓he economic and social development of the country. These threats are particularly pressing in the fields of agriculture and livestock breeding, forestry, natural

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ecosystems and water resources, and in coastal and▓ eco-fragile zones

. Therefore, China's priority task at present is to adapt it

self to climate change.A resp▓onsible d

eveloping country, China sets

ment is performed in a very loving w ay. For example, the keepers p ut the food on the ir palm for the panda▓s to chew, unlike before when they normally ate by themselves. This is a form of communicat ion between the sta▓ff and the animals."The Ya'an B ase has become the b iggest sanctuary f or pandas affect ed by the quak e▓. So far, 27 have been transfer 古田县wap 大宁县wap 都安瑶族自治县5G 沛县wap 麻阳苗族自治县wap 祥云县5G 克什克腾旗wap 石屏县wap 永泰县5G 河西区wap 灵石县5G 文登市wap 新干县wap 内丘县wap 吉林5G 耿马傣族佤族自治县5G 霍林郭勒市wap 台江县wap 沛县5G 茌平县wap 手游传奇私服网站 传奇私服外挂那个好 新开最新单职业传奇私服 变态单职业传奇私服手游 传奇私服外挂破解论坛 传奇私服端游 传奇私服怎么开区 开传奇私服服务器 新开电信传奇私服 传奇私服网站新开网战士带彻地丁